What is the Proper Golf Dress Code?

Understanding the Golf Dress Code

History of the Golf Dress Code

Evolution of the Golf Dress Code

Golf Club Dress Code Policies

Men’s Golf Attire

Key takeaway: Golf dress code varies based on the club’s policies, course conditions, and post-game activities. Proper attire for men includes collared shirts, pants or shorts, and appropriate footwear, while women can wear collared shirts, pants, shorts, and appropriate footwear and accessories. Golfers should dress appropriately for the course conditions and follow proper etiquette, including dressing for post-game activities. Adhering to the dress code ensures respect for the game and its traditions.

Golf Shirts

Pants and Shorts



Women’s Golf Attire

Golf Dress Code Etiquette

Dressing for the Course Conditions

Appropriate Behavior on the Course

Dressing for Post-Game Activities

Adhering to the Golf Dress Code

Choosing the Right Clothing

Understanding Restrictions

Proper Attire for Special Events


Proper Dress Code Attire

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