What are the Best Golf Apparel Brands for 2023?

Top Golf Apparel Brands for Men

Nike Golf

Under Armour

Puma Golf

Top Golf Apparel Brands for Women

Key takeaway: In 2023, Nike Golf, Under Armour, and Puma Golf are the top golf apparel brands for men, while Adidas Golf, Athleta Golf, Laura Diaz Golf are the top brands for women. Nike Junior Golf, Under Armour Junior Golf, Puma Junior Golf are the best brands for juniors. Golf Hats, Golf Bags, and Golf Shoes are popular golf apparel accessories.

Adidas Golf

Athleta Golf

Laura Diaz Golf

Best Golf Apparel Brands for Juniors

Nike Junior Golf

Under Armour Junior Golf

Puma Junior Golf

Golf Apparel Accessories

Golf Hats

Golf Bags

Golf Shoes


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