Discovering the Golfing Paradise: How Many Golf Courses Can You Find in Arizona?

Arizona’s Golfing Landscape: An Overview

A Brief History of Golf in Arizona

The Types of Golf Courses in Arizona

Exploring the Best Golf Courses in Arizona

Key takeaway: Arizona is a golfing paradise with a diverse landscape, offering golfers a wide range of courses to choose from. Golfers can explore the best courses in the north, south, east, and west regions of the state. Additionally, Arizona hosts various golfing tournaments and events, including PGA and LPGA Tour events, amateur and local tournaments, and golfing schools and lessons. Golfers visiting Arizona can also find resources such as golfing resorts and accommodations, golf shops and equipment rentals, and suggested golfing itineraries and routes.

North Region

South Region

East Region

West Region

Golfing Tournaments and Events in Arizona

PGA Tour Events in Arizona

LPGA Tour Events in Arizona

Amateur and Local Tournaments

Resources for Golfers Visiting Arizona

Golfing Resorts and Accommodations

Golf Shops and Equipment Rentals

Golfing Schools and Lessons

Tips for Enjoying Golf in Arizona

Best Time to Play Golf in Arizona

Dealing with the Heat and Sun Exposure

Suggested Golfing Itineraries and Routes


Top 10 Public Golf Courses in Arizona

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