Can You Golf Year-Round in San Francisco? Exploring the Best Courses for a Perfect Swing

San Francisco’s Premier Golf Courses

The Olympic Club

TPC Harding Park

San Francisco Golf Course

Weather Conditions for Year-Round Golf

Key takeaway: San Francisco offers a great golfing experience all year round with its mild climate, accessible courses, and beautiful scenery. The Olympic Club, TPC Harding Park, and San Francisco Golf Course are some of the best courses to visit for a perfect swing. It is important to adapt to local conditions, schedule tee times, and explore nearby courses and attractions to fully enjoy San Francisco’s golf scene.

Mild Climate and Accessible Courses

Tips for Playing Golf in San Francisco

Adapting to Local Conditions

Scheduling Tee Times and Course Reservations

Enjoying San Francisco’s Golf Scene

Exploring Nearby Courses and Attractions


No San Francisco Golf Trip Is Complete Without Playing These Courses | 72 in 72

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