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2016 MWGA Tournament Season

As the MWGA tournament season begins, here is a brief summary of some of the key Rules changes for 2016. We encourage you to also look at all of the new Rules and changes, which can be found on the USGA website at www.usga.org.

1) ANCHORING THE CLUB: One of the more publicized changes involves Rule 14-1b which describes Anchoring the Club. Effective January 1, 2016, a player can no longer anchor a club to make a stroke either directly or by use of an anchor point. Two points to keep in mind:
  • This is not an equipment Rule change. Long putters have not been banned; they simply cannot be anchored.
  • The Rule applies to any club, not just putters.
We encourage you to visit the USGA website (usga.org) because they have a very helpful brochure which describes the new Rule and shows both prohibited and acceptable methods for making a stroke under the Rule.

2) SUBMISSION OF INCORRECT SCORE CARD: Rule 6-6d now provides a limited exception to the disqualification penalty for submitting an incorrect score card. If a player submits a lower score than actually taken due to failure to include one or more penalty strokes that the player was unaware of, the penalty for the original breach will be applied to the player’s score, along with an additional two-stroke penalty. The player will not be disqualified in this limited situation, as she would have in the past.

3) BALL MOVING AFTER ADDRESS: Rule 18-2b, which provided a one-stroke penalty if a ball at rest moved after address, has been withdrawn. The penalty will now only be applied under Rule 18-2 if the facts indicate that it is more likely than not that the player caused the ball to move. If it is determined that the player caused the ball to move, the ball must be replaced, and the player is assessed a penalty of one stroke. If it is determined that a factor other than the player caused the ball to move, the ball is played from where it comes to rest with no penalty.

4) DISTANCE MEASURING DEVICES: Previously, distance measuring devices that were capable of providing information prohibited by Rule 14-3 such as wind speed, direction, elevation changes, slope, etc. resulted in disqualification regardless of whether any of these features were used. Appendix IV now provides that a distance measuring device that is capable of providing information such as wind speed, direction, elevation changes, slope, etc. may now be used PROVIDED the device is not used to obtain such information. Please review the Local Rules for each event to determine whether distance measuring devices are permitted in the tournament. There has also been a change to the penalty for a breach of Rule 14-3. In past years, the first breach of Rule 14-3 was a penalty of disqualification. It has now been changed to a two-stroke penalty for a first breach of the Rule, with a subsequent breach in the same stipulated round resulting in a penalty of disqualification. NOTE: The two breaches do not need to be the same breach. For example, using a training aid when not permitted and subsequently using a distance measuring device when not permitted would result in a penalty of disqualification.

If you have questions or would like additional information, we encourage you to talk to any of the officials at our tournaments. We are very fortunate in Minnesota to have one of the largest groups of volunteer officials in the country, and they are eager to answer questions, provide clarifications and present options that may apply to a particular situation. They are all equipped with radios in case they need assistance helping you proceed correctly when a Rules situation arises. They are an invaluable asset to our organization, and we couldn’t run our events in an efficient and professional manner without their help. If you get a chance to thank them for their time, it would be greatly appreciated.


More MWGA News Items

Welcome to 2016 Boatwright Jr. Intern

Megan Counihan was hired for the position and she started on May 20th.

Megan studies Sport Management at the University of Minnesota, where she will be a senior this fall. She loves to travel and just returned from a summer abroad studying in Dublin, where she also traveled to ten other countries around Europe. In the summer, she loves to spend her time golfing and up north at the cabin with family and friend. She is very excited for this opportunity and can’t wait to learn more about the golf industry.

Megan will have her own email address and can be reached at tournassist@mngolf.org. Please feel free to contact her with any questions you may have, or if Maggie is out of the office at an event. She is ready and happy to help with whatever may come up.

If you see her at a tournament, please introduce yourself and give her a warm welcome.

2016 MWGA Scholarship Foundation Recipients

The following is a message from Scholarship Director Nancy Vieburg regarding the 2016 MWGA Scholarship Foundation recipients:

The MWGA Foundation has had 67 scholarship winners over the past 19 years. To date, we have awarded $740,000 to these highly motivated young women through the state.

The four winners of this year’s strong academic class had GPAs of 4.0, ACTs that ranged from 31-35 and three of the girls ranked #1 in their high school class. All golfed at least four years and were captains of their high school teams. One will continue on to play college golf.

Congratulations to these young women!

Megan Filzen - Waseca, MN

Jessica Nafe - New Richland, MN

Gretchen Johnson - Kasson, MN

Jessica Peterson - Rousmount, MN

View the 2016 MWGA Foundation Scholarship Recipients



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